Chamblee MARTA Station

Opened in 1987 and then the northern tip of the rapid transit line running south to Atlanta, the Chamblee MARTA Station is bounded by New Peachtree and Peachtree Roads on the east and west, and Chamblee Tucker Road to the south. Rail stations such as this, which are serviced by bus routes, are vital cogs in MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority)—the ninth-largest of the county’s interurban transit systems designed to alleviate traffic congestion.




Bird’s-eye view of rapid transit facility at 5200 New Peachtree Road, showing some of its more than 1,700 parking spaces.


Authorized by the Georgia legislature in 1965 and founded in 1971, MARTA began as a bus system after purchasing the old Atlanta Transit Company. Five Points became the hub of the subsequent MARTA rail system, opening its East-West line in 1979 and the North-South in 1981.


Like nearly all MARTA stations, the one at Chamblee has a boldly designed roof and serves as a highly visible civic monument. The superstructure is generally uncluttered by billboards and deliberately has little public seating, to discourage loitering. Chamblee Station has an elevated island platform with a good view, and from here many commuters begin and end the fastest part of their daily treks.


Dr. Paul Hudson, longtime resident of the Brookhaven area and historian at Georgia Perimeter College and Oglethorpe University, writes stories for the Brookhaven Buzz.

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