Chamblee Police Administers Life-Saving Drug

On Friday, Sept. 12, Naloxone was used for the first time by Chamblee Police to successfully reverse a heroin overdose. The Chamblee Police Department had only begun carrying this life saving drug Aug. 24. Chamblee is the third police department in the state of Georgia to issue Naloxone to officers.


On Sept. 12, officers were dispatched to the Huntington Station Apartments to an apartment that is in use as a halfway house for people in drug rehab. The victim was passed out on the bathroom floor and his roommates were un-able to wake him. Officer Atlas Hardy responded and attempted to wake him using a sternum rub without success. He noted that the victim’s breathing was shallow and slow, with pauses in between breaths. His roommate said that the victim’s drug of choice was heroin. Hardy administered a nasal spray of Naloxone to the victim. It initially had no ef-fect. He then administered another spray to the other nostril. After approximately one minute, the victim woke up. EMS arrived shortly after and they were advised of what occurred. They transported the victim to the hospital.


Officer Hardy received his training last summer at the Holly Springs Police Department.


Press release from the City of Chamblee


Submitted by Dean Hesse

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