Circus School Opens, Here Comes The Imperial Opa!

Now running away to the circus means jotting over to Peachtree Street, thanks to the popularity of the arts in Atlanta. “Circus is a way of life, a way of looking at the world,” said Tim Mack, Founder and Ringmaster of Atlanta’s Imperial Opa Circus.


“It’s a way of approaching the everyday to make it more magical.”


Years ago, Tim was spinning his wheels in in Hartford, Connecticut without much passion. And then Cirque du Soleil came through town. Tim applied as a photographer. “This was the key to unlocking what has always been inside me,” Tim said. His eyes sparkle like a marquis. “The gate to a life in entertainment swung open, the world was new to me. A year on the road with Cirque and I found myself in Atlanta with the dream to start my own circus.” Tim said the biggest hurdles to overcome were interpersonal; nurturing individual artists, meeting their creative needs, weighing and incorporating those into the overall direction of the show and future growth of the circus.


Now six years old, this is the month to start following Opa! They will be appearing in Little Five Points at the upcoming 7 Stages Curious Encounters show. To qualify, each one of those acts had to be based on a book. “We will be doing an adaptation of The Great Gatsby and making it The Great Gatsby Circus!” laughed Tim. “Later, we will be working with Kennesaw State University to bring Owl-O-Ween for a third-year!” Tim Mack will also be performing with the Atlanta Opera in La Bohème at the Gwinnett Center.


If you have a child with the interest between the ages of 7-14, the circus school might have a place for them. “We work with Paul Rogers, owner of Buck’s Sports Barn,” (between Peachtree battle and the Imperial Fez) said Tim. “Paul helps us bring circus classes to the community!” “We always love to hear from fans and friends,” winked a confident Ringmaster Tim. “…or anyone who wants to sponsor the circus to help it grow into a nation-ally touring show.”


To learn more about The Imperial Opa Circus and the school visit or email Tim at


- Ray Macon

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