Citizens Get Connected at 2014 DeKalb Neighborhood Summit

Interim DeKalb County CEO Lee May summed up the 2014 DeKalb Neighborhood Summit by saying, “We literally have hundreds of DeKalb County constituents here that are really energized to move DeKalb County forward. I’m really excited about the energy I’m feeling.”


This was the sixth year for the summit, which was held at Tucker High School Nov. 1. The summit featured workshops on topics ranging from public safety, environmental sustainability, increasing property values, elimi-nating blight in your neighborhood and more. Cash awards were presented to several neighborhood initiatives for the work they are doing and representatives from DeKalb’s various departments were on had to answer questions. Of interest to many is the recent situation with water bills and representatives from DeKalb County Watershed Management were on hand to listen to customer concerns. There were several neighborhood initia-tive organizations on hand such as the South DeKalb Improvement Association and the Cross Keys Sustain-able Neighborhoods Initiative, signing up people and sharing information on the good things they are doing to improve the quality of life in DeKalb. Student Youth Commissioners, who represent all of DeKalb’s 22 high schools were also on hand with their “I Love DeKalb” mural project on which citizens were encouraged to write what their ideal DeKalb would be like in 20 years. Tucker High School students catered the event and also pro-vided the signage.


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–Dean Hesse

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