Cookies and Love for Our Troops

Thanks to the Girl Scouts and local businesses and residents, our soldiers overseas and stateside can receive something sweet that lets them know someone cares. A Taste From Home is a project started in 2008 to send Girl Scout (GS) cookies to military troops overseas.


CookiesIn 2008, GS Troop #1888, with the help of transportation from Fort Gillem, sent more than 2,000 boxes of cookies to soldiers serving in Iraq. The following year, Troops #1888 and #4244 started working on the project a little earlier and in April, again with help from Fort Gillem, sent over 6,000 boxes of cookies to soldiers in the Middle East. In 2010, A Taste From Home’s goal was 10,000 boxes. Due to the efforts of more than 100 Atlanta area Girl Scout troops and businesses matching Troop #1888 donations, the goal was exceeded by more than 800 boxes! With the help of Fort McPherson and Dobbins Air Force Base, even more of our overseas military were able to have “A Taste From Home.”


Last year, a goal was not set. Troop #1888 and other troops asked businesses to match specific donation amounts. The donations resulted in 10,692 boxes of cookies but, partially due to shipping costs, not all of the donated cookies went overseas. Organizers also wanted to be sure that past and present military knew their service was appreciated, so about half of the cookies were distributed stateside where military are stationed such as Forts Gillem and McPherson and Robbins Air Force Base. Cookies were also taken to veterans’ hospitals in Atlanta and Dublin, GA.


For 2012, A Taste From Home is hopeful that even more GS troops will participate in the project, and that even more local businesses will match their donations. Again, cookies will be delivered to military personnel both overseas and stateside. It’s not too late to participate in the 2012 A Taste From Home Project. For information on how you can help, log on to or call 678-886-1503.


Eddie’s Automotive in Lilburn is a local business that has served as a sponsor for A Taste From Home since the beginning. Owners Wanda and Eddie Price encourage other area businesses and residents to get involved. “This is a wonderful project which shows the heart of Lilburn,” Wanda states.

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