Covered Bridge at Brookhaven Park

Real estate developers coined the name Brookhaven about 1910, coming from brooks—creeks or streams—and haven, an idyllic place of rest. Some candidates for the geographic “heart” of the community are its MARTA transportation facility or Brookhaven Station, with its pub restaurants and services. However, for recreation and a delightful view of dogs enjoying expansive green space, there is no place quite like Brookhaven Park, fronting Peachtree at 2600 Osborne Road.


Covered Bridge


Picturesque structure bridges part of an ancient creek in the heart of Brookhaven. (Photograph courtesy Lora Mirza.)


Pictured above, the park’s covered bridge (a relatively new structure) somehow captures the pastoral charm of old Brookhaven. There was a time when many streams, tributaries of Nancy Creek, ran seemingly everywhere in the community. One can still see creeks in various places, such as at the Capital City Country Club golf course, Silver Lake woods, and even along Parkside Drive, parallel to Dresden Drive near the Peachtree intersection.


Today most of Brookhaven’s creeks have become culverts, or drain crossings under roads or embankments. Gone are the days when Brookhaven children would don big wading boots to trace for miles the wild, deep streams that flowed through the forests, ridges and ravines of one of the most naturally beautiful places in DeKalb County.


Dr. Paul Hudson, historian at Georgia Perimeter College and longtime resident of the Brookhaven area, writes stories for the Brookhaven Buzz.

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