Create a Wildlife Habitat

Karen Lindauer, an avid gardener and active member of the Georgia Native Plant Society, will present a program on “Creating Habitat Using Native Plants” to the Mountain Shadow Garden Club at their January meeting.


Wildlife HabitatFollowing early retirement from the CDC, Karen and her husband moved from the Morningside area in Atlanta to Tucker, where they purchased a house on a nearly 2-acre property. The landscape was essentially a blank slate except for a few non-native azaleas and numerous, beautiful hardwood trees. Karen has filled in the blanks over the past 15 years by planting native wildflowers, shrubs and small trees, many from native plant rescues, to create an attractive habitat for birds, small animals and beneficial insects. Under the direction of George Sanko at Georgia Perimeter Botanical Gardens, she is currently a volunteer leader of their woodlands garden and an experimental xeric sand bed. Karen is also a member of the Georgia Perennial Plant Association and the Georgia Botanical Society.


Karen’s presentation will provide practical information on the importance of using native plants to promote biodiversity and encourage wildlife in our gardens. The interconnection of good soil structure, native vs. exotic plants, the role of insects and birds as well as water collection and conservation will be highlighted. A recommended list of specific native plants for gardens in Georgia will be provide attendees.


Anyone interested in learning more about a creating a wildlife habitat is invited to attend the meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 9th, at the Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 5801 Hugh Howell Rd. Free. Call 770-934-4726 for directions.

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