Dunwoody High School’s Newest Robotics Team Just Keeps on Rolling

After an amazing performance at the State Championships in Athens last weekend, the rookie Dunwoody High School FIRST® Robotics Competition Team, WildCat 5e, accumulated enough points to finish the season ranked 6th in Georgia. This unprecedented, outstanding performance was enough to qualify the team for the World Champion-ships in Houston from April 19-22, where WildCat 5e will face tough competition from the best teams in the United States and around the globe.


Humbled by the opportunities they have been granted as a result of their success, WildCat 5e blew away everyone’s expectations at the competitions (including their own!). At the beginning of the season, no one believed WildCat 5e would make it to the Houston competition; it wasn’t even on their radar. This dedicated group of kids and parent volunteers has worked harder than ever in order to raise the funds necessary to get them this far in the competition, and have done so in conjunction with their fantastic sponsors, friends, family, and generous members of the community who donated to assist them in reaching and surpassing their goals.


The team expresses sincere gratitude to anyone who has donated in the past, and/or plans to donate in the future. All of you – family, friends, and sponsors alike – are very important to the success of WildCat 5e and the team is ap-preciative that you have seen them worthy of your support. If you are interested in helping the team go further, contri-butions can be given to their GoFundMe account at www.gofundme.com/wildcat5e.


This is the first year as a team for this Dunwoody High School group, and although they started their season a little late, they have made a huge impact on the FIRST® robotics community and they’re here to stay. WildCat 5e intends to keep on growing, and if their success this year is an indicator, they are going to be contenders in the world of FRC for a long time.


You can learn more about the team at www.wildcat5e.com or hello@wildcat5e.com and about the FRC World Cham-pionship at www.firstchampionship.org/houston-home.

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