Echo Takes A Nap

Girl Scout CampsThe following is a story in a series about Echo the Cat, written by children’s author Jacqueline Lee.


Yawning… I think it’s time for a nap. Scooping out the house to make sure I’m all alone. Looking around cautiously, I don’t see anyone so onto the bed I go. Flop! Aw… This feels great as I stretch wide and dig my nails into the soft fluffy blanket. Imagine me in a yoga position. Arms and paws stretched long and my rear lifted in an arch position.
Ooooh… If Mom knew I was napping on her bed, I would be in big trouble. I mean big trouble. As I snuggled between the soft, warm sheets, I lost track of time and realized a few hours had passed.


While sound asleep, dreaming of chasing birds, mice and my new girlfriend–a beautiful Calico, I faintly hear what sounds to be a key entering the front door.


But still lost in thought and mesmerized by my girlfriend. Zha zha I didn’t notice the sound of footsteps getting closer and closer.


Am I dreaming? Hmmmm… Yes, I must be dreaming still. As I continue to lie there I hear the sound of a squeaking door slowly opening. I jump up but it is too late. Hair spiked, eyes wide and with a look of fear on my face.


“Echooooooo! You’re busted. I knew you had been sleeping on mom’s bed and now you’re in big trouble,” I hear her say.


-Jacqueline Lee

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