Etiquette Atlanta: The Business of Manners

Patty Hunnewell, owner and operator of Etiquette Atlanta, is passionate about the business of manners. “Getting back to the [good] habits isn’t silly. It’s a sign of respect,” says Hunnewell.


Etiquette“We’re so busy being individuals that we forget that we have to work with each other. Just because something doesn’t bother you doesn’t mean that doesn’t bother the person next to you.”


Hunnewell, who is the mother of three girls, started Etiquette Atlanta in January of 2012 while she was still working as a preschool teacher.


“I was looking for an etiquette teacher for my Girl Scout troop,” says Hunnewell. “One of the other mothers in Girl Scouts had [gone] through a class with her daughter. I emailed that teacher and found out that she was leaving the business. She gave me ideas and told me all about the business and I went to Missouri to train. That’s how I [began] my own business.”


Hunnewell offered at four week class at Bloomingdale’s where she taught the four groups of etiquette: body language, grammar/writing, self respect/hygience and table manners.


She also does cotillions, corporate seminars, and helps college students with interviewing techniques. “I think of myself as the handyman of etitquette,” says Hunnewell.


Hunnewell shared about the challenges and rewards of operating her business. “My biggest challenge has been getting the word out.”


As far the rewards of the business are concerned, Hunnewell says this: “I love seeing the light bulb [come on] when they learn. It makes me feel so good.”


For more information about Etiquette Atlanta, visit their website at or call Patty Hunnewell at 678-478-3788


-Deanna Cauthen

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