Fantasy Fulfilled: Buckhead Treehouses

Atlanta, known for “trees in search of a city” is becoming known for having picturesque houses away up in its heavily forested environs. Known as the Buckhead Treehouses, these castles are fascinating and, to many, ful-fill childhood fantasies of when kids had exclusive club meetings high off the ground. There is nothing like a treehouse to make one feel so gloriously “above it all” with a great perspective, looking down upon an enchanted forest.


Hidden away in Buckhead is a unique treehouse property with three rooms, a living area, bedroom and observa-tion deck, all connected by rope bridges with bathrooms nearby. The property feeds adult fantasies of those who en-joyed treehouses in their youth, or wished that they did. Airbnb, the online room rentals site, has listed the Buckhead Treehouses as the most desirable place to stay in the world for a getaway, not for its size or conventional grandeur, but because the property is simply one of a kind.


Somewhat like the Tarzan and Jane treehouse in old movies, trees run right through the rooms. They have, among other amenities, Wi Fi, a twelve candle chandelier, antique seating for six, a balcony overlooking lush woods and a deck with a hammock and a dartboard. Throughout the property one hears birdsong galore. Said to be the most relaxing, romantic and unique place you’ll ever enjoy, it is no wonder that the Buckhead Treehouses have been by far the most popular property on the wish lists of Airbnb.


Dr. Paul Hudson, a historian at Georgia State University Clarkston Campus and a longtime resident of the Brookhaven area, writes stories for the Buzz.

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