Feline from Furkids in Doraville

Congratulations to Valeri Rufo, who is so delighted with her cat, “our loved little Prince” she says, that she submitted a photo of him to the Community Lens (CL) feature of the AJC for the issue back on June 21, when summer began this year. The object of CL is to give amateur photographers opportunities to submit “a great picture that you’d like to share with the world.” In the spirit of the project, we’re showing it again because what the world needs now is love sweet love.


Criteria for Community Lens includes pics with “action, great lighting and/or interesting subjects.” Cat fanciers love their felines and so Valeri’s photo falls in the last category. Indeed, many readers related to and enjoyed this picture, and I really love this shot. Valeri also used her platform to give a shout-out for Furkids, which performs a great service in the Metro with placement of rescue animals.


Furkids, based at 2650 Pleasantville Road Doraville 30340, has a cage-free cat shelter. Its 10,000 square foot facility houses about 275 cats in spacious rooms. Furkids rescues hundreds of homeless cats each year that are in need of caring, lifelong homes.
The Furkids facility has an on-site vet clinic and surgical suite as well as well as quarantine and isola-tion areas as needed, plus administrative offices. Most of the Furkids rescue cats are listed online and many can be visited at PetSmart and Petco adoption centers. Complete vetting, vaccinations and extensive initial pet care, including a safety microchip, comes with placement of rescues. The first step is submitting an adoption application. Visit: furkids.org


Valeri Rufo adopted Prince about 3 years ago and both Human and Cat are obviously very happy to-gether. The handsome Prince appears to be a Himalayan, a long-haired breed or sub-breed similar to a Per-sian. His eyes are a beautiful blue. He’s got wonderful Blue Point coloration characteristic of many Hima-layan cats: a pale tint to his body with relatively darker face mask and blue nose leather. (His arms, legs and tail, all not pictured, are almost certainly dark blue as well.)
I’m guessing that Prince is gentle, calm and sweet-tempered, intelligent and fairly social. He’s probably playful so that a cat toy or just anything, a twist-tie or crumpled paper, can entertain him for hours. It’s ob-vious from Valeri’s comments that she and Prince share mutual devotion and affection and that they’re great companions. With her care and his appreciation, there looks like she gives wonderful grooming of his long coat, true bonding for Valeri and proud Prince.


The success story with Prince and Valeri Rufo, 3 years ago and now, was just one of the 1,500 adop-tions that Furkids does annually. This wonderful organization can always use donations and volunteers (many tasks to be done, good work experience) as well as more applications for adoptions. For info: 770-613-0880.


-Dr. Paul Hudson

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