First 2018 ATL Baby Born, First Clock Stroke of New Year

The first baby born in the Metro in 2018 made arrival precisely at the stroke of midnight leading into Jan 1, just as the New Year was beginning. The perfect timing and healthy birth took place at Emory Mid-town Hospital, according to officials there. Baby Luca, a boy, came into the world weighing 6 pounds and 11 ounces.


The official time for Little Luca’s birth was 12:00:00, according to Emory Healthcare spokeswoman Janet Christenbury. There had been a countdown in the delivery room and Baby Luca showed exactly when the countdown ended, at midnight and just getting into Jan. 1, 2018. Meanwhile, residents of the Metro were ringing in their New Year’s celebrations.


Christenbury said the hospital identifies newborns and parents by only first names for safety reasons, and omits hometowns. The parents, Jillian and Antonio, were thrilled. Jillian and Luca were doing just fine. It turned out that a few hours later on Jan. 1, at 4:18 am, there was another newborn in the Emory Healthcare network, and Christenbury also announced the birth of Baby Stella at Emory Johns Creek Hospital.


–Dr. Paul Hudson

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