Fresh Vegetables At Your Fingertips

Yes, fresh vegetables can be at your fingertips with a little care and effort. In the last few years, eat-ing local has been at the forefront of the qualifications for excellent food, and it does not get any more local than your own backyard. Tomatoes all summer, armfuls of peppers, eggplant, almost any vegeta-ble you desire can be within your reach with a little help in establishing a planting box, mixing the right soil mix and choosing the right location. Help is available from Mr. Veggieman, who builds planting boxes for individual homes, community gardens and restaurants.


Is this a dream or myth? Just ask Matt, chef/partner of Lilburn’s highly-reviewed Three Blind Mice restaurant. Matt had Mr. Veggieman (a.k.a. David Martinez) build four planting boxes for his home and restaurant use and said, “David was able to come to my home, purpose-build four sturdy raised garden beds and mixed the proper soils. I wanted the beds made of cedar to last a long time, which he was able to put together, with the right soil mix for my needs. We harvested more than enough for our home and restaurant needs.”


Another Mr. Veggieman customer, Robyn, co-owner of the Sandy Springs Gun Club, said, “I felt the best way to expose my children to healthy eating was to start a garden. The problem was that I had no idea how to do so, where to put it, which vegetables to plant or how to maintain it. I called Mr. Veggie-man, and he talked to my girls and me about what we wanted, then took over the details. The result – every day we could go outside and see what grew and what we could pick for dinner. My daughters took such pride in tending the garden daily. Mr. Veggieman gave us the opportunity to enjoy something which we could not have done without him, and the best thing is that he can come back and replant for every season.”


If you have an interest in eating fresh vegetables and fruits that have been grown by your own fam-ily, then call Mr. Veggieman (Martinez) at 770-235-5008 or email at Martinez, through his technical horticultural training and first-hand experience, is the person to contact. He will assist you in deciding what to grow, how much to grow and where to grow it. Not only will he build the growing boxes for you, but also prepare soil mix you will need. Get back to earth and grow your own vegetables, not just this season, but for many seasons to come.

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