Georgia House of Reps Adopts “Adoptable Dog” Bill

Pet lovers in all metro communities, and indeed beyond, applaud the state legislature House of Representatives unanimous approval of a bill this past winter to make the “adoptable dog” Georgia’s official canine mascot. State lawmakers love to make such designations, as for example the Brown Thrasher as official bird or the Vidalia sweet onion as official vegetable. However, nominating an official state dog was a somewhat tricky matter.


Some UGA fans at first automatically wanted the English bulldog to garner the honor, but that obviously wasn’t unanimous, which they well understood. The Georgia House of Representatives came up with a noble, sensible compromise: to propose that the “adoptable dog” be designated as Georgia’s official canine.


Thousands of dogs (and cats too) await adoptions in animal shelters as well as elsewhere in Georgia, and the intent of the symbolic bill is to promote rescues and adoptions for homeless dogs. At press time the vote was moving toward deliberation by the state Senate. There appears to be no good reason why the Senate will not also approve the “adoptable dog” bill as an official state designation, for it would increase awareness of abandoned canines needing a family and a home.


–Dr. Paul Hudson

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