Georgia Teenager Donates to Worthy Cause

When does a teenager give up her hard-earned tutoring money at a time when everyone is shopping for the holidays?


Teenager DonatesJessica Garcia has only been tutoring for a year and half and knows how long it takes to earn $100 dollars. But she has always been passionate about helping others less fortunate. One day an announcement came during a high school meeting …“If you want to join the Homeless Pet Clubs (HPC), please sign up.” She knew immediately that this was the kind of club she wanted to be a part of. The HPC club was perfect because it connects students with their local animal shelter and allows them to be super heroes when it comes to finding loving homes for dogs and cats sitting in cages.


“We get to sponsor a pet from our local DeKalb County Shelter,” said Jessica. “Once we sponsor the pet, we know he/she will get adopted through our efforts. My entire experience since I have joined the HPC Club has been very rewarding because it has helped me become more aware of what happens to animals in the world. Along with the help of my amazing club mates and my wonderful club faculty sponsor, Catharine A. Tipton, I am privileged to work for what I believe in.”


Homeless Pet Clubs are popping up everywhere… in schools, community clubs, scout troops and businesses. Children and adults are educated about the status of animals and the significance of spaying and neutering the animals. Club members make a difference in the number of pets that are euthanized across the county each year. The clubs are free, fun and influential. Anyone can participate.


“We are moved by Jessica’s noble decision to give her tutoring money to a wonderful cause benefiting the DeKalb Animal Shelter,” said Claudine Wilkins, Executive Shelter Director of Homeless Pet Clubs. “There are not many young people in today’s world who think like her and we are sincerely struck by her mature and generous act. These altruistic actions are many in the Homeless Pet Clubs, but this one makes our Christmas wish come true.”


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