Give Your Dog Comfort And Security

(NAPS)—At holiday time or any time you and your family are busy, it’s important to remember that pets can get stressed out, especially if they spend a lot more time alone than normal.


Now And Den:
Fortunately, there is a way to provide a safe place where your dog can have some time on his own but still be around the family. A kennel can be a wonderful solution that provides a den environment your pet will enjoy, as well as one that keeps him safely contained. Kennels provide a sense of security and comfort that is instinctive for dogs. They are den animals, and although confinement may not feel natural to humans, for a dog, it’s innate and can provide welcome sol-ace.


The kennel can be placed in the family room or den so your pet will still be included in any family gathering, but not underfoot. The very first such pet kennel was created by Petmate in 1964, and ever since, that company has been recognized as the leading expert in designing comfortable, safe and innovative shelters for pets.


There are a multitude of kennel options that range from basic plastic and wire versions to gor-geous cherry hardwood kennels that look like a piece of high-end furniture.


Let Your Pet Chew On This:
You should remember, however, that even in the kennel, your pet can still become nervous or overly excited if your house is full of strangers or has an unusual amount of activity. It can help to provide some new toys that he can chew and gnaw to help relieve stress. The JW Pet line of durable rubber toys has a wide selection to choose from.


Go Out And Play:
Another essential way to help your pet de-stress is exercise. Taking time out of every day for some interactive fun will help relieve boredom that can lead to unwanted behaviors and also provide some special time with you. Interactive pet toys such as the Chuckit! Launcher provide hands-free fetching fun for hours of playtime. Play is important for pets and pet owners alike—it’s been proven that interacting with animals relieves stress for people, too.


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