Goats Spotted at Sagamore Hills Elementary School in DeKalb County!

We had goats at our school! At Sagamore Hills Elementary we had goats come to our school to eat all of the poison ivy and overgrown weeds around our playground and creek area – which also helped with the mosquitoes too. I am glad that we had goats and not people do the job because people would use pesticides and chemicals. Pesticides and chemicals hurt the environment.


Did you know that goats are herbivores? A herbivore is a plant eater. Goats are the perfect animal for the job because they love to eat leaves and plants non stop…well…they do stop at one point to take a break but most of the time its munch, munch, munch! They even stand on their hind legs to nibble on leaves above their head. The bigger goats would grab branches to bend closer to the ground so that the little goats could snack too.


Our class named some of the goats. Here are a couple of the names we created: Oreo, Chip, Tiny Pickle and Gin-ger. I named goat #4 Ginger. Ginger was a guy. Sweet Pea was the guard dog that would watch over the goats. Rarely would anyone see him but I got one or two looks at him. He is black and had a white tummy and paws. When I first heard that we were getting goats it reminded me of when I lived in Candler Park and our neighborhood had a goat farm.


Do you want some more facts about goats? Well, I’ll give you a little more facts:
- Mother and kid goats recognize each other’s calls right after the mother gives birth.
- Goats discovered coffee! Apparently in Ethiopia, a goat owner saw his goats behaving more actively and jumpy after eating from a particular bush. He then tried it for himself – discovering a coffee plant!
- The goat is one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. It represents intervention, creativity, shyness and being a perfectionist.
- Abraham Lincoln’s sons had two goats that lived in the White House with them.
- Goats do not have tear ducts, so that means that they can’t cry.


Finally, I definitely think that the goats did a good job at our school. I can tell the difference before and after they arrived for the job. They cleared almost ALL of the ivy and weeds. I rate their work a 5 out of 5. I rate their cuteness a 10 million out of 5.


I really do hope that you enjoyed this paper and do research on goats and maybe you might consider getting goats for your home. Michael Swanson, the owner of all the goats, (getyourgoatrentals.com) was so nice and friendly, he left the goats there for another couple days just because we loved them so much! Our school plans on using the goats again on our grounds someday soon. As a fundraiser people will be able to name their goat and sponsor it. Trust me, it’s not a waste of time or money.

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