Great Growing Ideas

Recent research by United Minds reveals some fascinating facts about Americans’ relationship with green spaces. For example, the Global Green Space Report, produced by the Husqvarna Group, found:
• 74 percent of people would like their children to spend more time in gardens and yards
• Two-thirds of respondents believe that visiting and interacting with green contributes to their quality of life
• When asked what impresses them about other people’s gardens, the top three things were:
1. Flowers – 52 percent
2. Fruit trees – 52 percent
3. A well-trimmed lawn – 46 percent.


To get the grass greener on your side of the fence, consider these suggestions:
• Water, water, every day—at least at first. From when the lawn is first planted until the shoots start to show, keep the top half inch of the soil moist.
• Stay sharp. Make sure the blades on your lawn mower are sharp so as not to injure the blades of grass.
• Mow less. Don’t remove more than a third of the top growth in a single cutting.
• Mow more easily. To help homeowners make the most of their mowing, the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products has come up with two new machines.


Homeowners determined to mow more securely on hilly terrain or damp grass can now experience with a walk mower the kind of traction and handling they can get in an automobile – All-Wheel Drive. Designed for uneven terrain and the toughest mowing conditions, the sleek yet rugged HU800AWD features a heavy-duty steel deck and a powerful Honda GCV 190 engine. The wheels’ aggressive tread pattern provides additional traction and maneuverability, so you can mow comfortably, carefully and without damaging your lawn.


It shares a number of features with the complete line of Husqvarna walk mowers, including a three-year warranty, a side guard and grass comb to improve edging performance, a large, dust-blocking bag, a premium, comfort-grip control bail to reduce operator fatigue, a variable drive speed, and a wa-ter hose connector for easy deck cleaning.
When you have a lot of lawn to mow, there’s the new R 120S Rider. It has a front-mount, 42-inch side discharge deck, which offers excellent visibility and makes trimming and mowing underneath overhanging objects easier than ever. These mowers are available exclusively at Lowe’s and author-ized Husqvarna dealers.


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