Greenway Trail Gets Dressed Up

As you walk the Camp Creek Greenway Trail, you may see a rock with a Ladybug painted on it as it rests in a garden plot — and you’ll know they’ve been there! The Ladybugs Garden Club members (and many of their husbands) have been at work planting the garden plots on the south end of the Trail from Old Town Lilburn to Rockbridge Road. They have planted shrubs and perennial plants mostly, with a few annuals mixed in to add color. Even the giant concrete turtle about halfway down the trail and the big concrete bullfrog by the meadow sit in beds of mondo grass.




Members of The Ladybugs stand ready for action at the entrance to the Camp Creek Greenway Trail.


The Greenway Trail is a natural habitat for all kinds of birds, especially blue birds that live in the bluebird houses erected as an Eagle Scout project, and owls are frequently seen and heard. Wildlife such as deer, rabbits and foxes are often spotted. The garden plots along the trail help to “soften” its appearance and temper the heat from the concrete.


Another purpose in establishing the garden plots is to help the public become more familiar with names of plants and shrubs. Plants and shrubs have markers indicating their common name and botanical name.


The Ladybugs hope those who use the trail to walk, run or ride bicycles enjoy the gardens and treat them with respect to protect the plants.


The Ladybugs project had been endorsed by the Master Gardeners Association of Gwinnett County through the Gwinnett Extension Service, and was awarded a $500 grant to pay for most of the plants, shrubs and soil amendments used in establishing the Trail gardens. The Ladybugs have four members who are Master Gardeners. All Garden Club members regularly have training in gardening by guest speakers the Club hosts and through Club and individual efforts in gardening.


—JoPell Holbrook

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