Hometown News Writer Featured in Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal, a New York-based English-language international daily newspaper with special em-phasis on business and economic matters, did a story on time capsules for its July 31 issue and used Hometown writer Dr. Paul Hudson as one of its sources. Entitled “Trying to Capture a Moment, Many Lose Track of Time,” the article written by Atlanta-based correspondent Carmeron McWhirter traced how time capsules typically end up forgotten or missing. Hudson, 64, who has written, studied and been interviewed about the subject for about 25 years, believes that time capsules—nearly always celebrated in the short term—are lost or forgotten in the long run.


McWhirter in mid-July interviewed Paul at Oglethorpe University, home of the Crypt of Civilization. Hailed in the Guinness Book of World Records, the Crypt was sealed in 1940 and not to be opened until 8113. Not bur-ied like many time capsules, it stands half-underground in a granite hall at Oglethorpe behind a stainless steel door with a message on the Crypt. Its fans hope this is one multi-millennial specimen that won’t get lost or for-gotten—but then only time will tell.