How I Became an Analyst, Author, Teacher and Entertainer Using Handwriting and Signature Analysis

On October 23, 1972, while on crew rest on an Air Force mission, I was in the lobby of the Hilton Ho-tel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I sat down at a table with Florry Nadall, author of Pen in Hand: A Simplified Guide to “Instant” Handwriting Analysis. From my handwriting and signature, she proceeded to tell me how I relate to others and my dominate personality traits. For example if angry I burn rather than ex-plode. I’m energetic, enthusiastic and I empathize with others. Her insights were impressive. I bought her book and learned she was known world-wide and had analyzed personalities such as President John Kennedy, First Lady Jacqueline, New York City Mayor Robert Wagner, Cardinal Francis Spellman, Hollywood actors and numerous others.


Months later I took an Eight Basic Steps course in Sandy Springs, Georgia, given by Myna Bentley of the International Graphoanalysis Society. In spite of my active-reserve duty in the Air National Guard, John Hancock Life and Health Insurance business and the arrival of a fourth child, I studied and became a Certified Graphoanalyst in 1976.


Soon, I was doing individual analyses for personal and business organizations, entertaining at libraries, private gigs for conventions and corporate parties. My hobby became a business. In 1999, I began entertaining onboard for Celebrity Cruises and continued on for Princess, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean.


Audience requests for a primer how-to book led to publishing Handwriting Reveals You (Trafford, 2003). Next, I published a more comprehensive guide, Personality Profiling in 90 Seconds (United Writes Press, 2006). While researching I learned about a companion projective technique derived from the Hindu Mandala.

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