I Can Fly!

Each year, every student at Sophia Academy takes part in a theatrical production called “The Love Letter.” This thematic production is performed as a display of love and thanks to all those who support the school.




Peter Pan (Max Pimentel) tells the Lost Boys that they have shot his dear Wendy (Noelle Marchais) with an arrow. Her brothers, Michael (Jacob Gambrell) and John (Jackson Tucker) witness the act, disheartened, as golden star Stephanie Panos narrates the turn of events.


The theme of this year’s Love Letter was “Peter Pan” and took place on May 11. Middle school students gave a dramatic performance of the tale of Peter Pan and his nemesis, Captain Hook, complete with magic fairy dust, lost boys, pirates, a crocodile, and more. K-5 students added to the night with music from the popular Disney movie version. Directed by Fine Arts Director Tracey Buot, along with musical direction from music teacher Audriana Farris, this year’s Love Letter was deemed a great success by the school community, who came away with rave reviews of the cast and crew.

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