Kaleidoscope Gift Shop

Thanks to my good friend Sue, I recently discovered one of the most fascinating gift shops in Atlanta. Kaleidoscope at Northlake has an incredible stock of colorful and artistic instruments in almost all shapes and sizes — one inch to four feet!


KaleidoscopeThe shop also offers a great deal more and is a wonderful place for children’s gifts. There are unique books, plush toys, light sabers, puzzles and a variety of games. Most interesting for old timers like me is the original slinky toy, which, I guess, never grows old.


There are also non-kaleidoscope gifts for adults. Hats, elegant walking sticks, jewelry and items featuring the sports logos of Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia are on display. Best of all are the perpetual motion globes. These never stop moving even if you hold them in your bare hands. There are both terrestrial and celestial globes turning slowly, regally and mysteriously.


Of course, the real attractions here are the hundreds of kaleidoscopes. Many are quite exotic with stunning wood or metal exteriors and decorative stands. There is even a kit to make your own. The interior views of the scopes are even more diverse in color and style. There are kaleidoscopes with panorama or “Imax” type images constantly shifting into new combinations of colors.


The only true way to appreciated them, however, is to see them in person. Kaleidoscope is in Briarcliff Plaza at 2186 Henderson Mill Rd. in the Northlake area of Tucker. It is open daily except Monday. Call 678-937-2673 or see the website www.kaleidoscopeshop.com for more information or to shop online.


-Dick Funderburke

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