Letter to Editor From Kiddos the Kitty

Hi Humans,

My name is Kiddos, the kitten and I am here to speak to you about being a good kitty owner. First, you must never declaw. I use my claws for climbing, shoulder strength, walking, scratching, balance, self-defense, playing, kneading and expression. Kitties in other parts of the world enjoy the fact that declaw is considered illegal animal cruelty. My vet no longer declaws and I am happy that my owner recognizes my happy pain free life. I will not get arthritis later on because I am fed a holistic grain free diet and am not forced to walk on nubs. My litter box does not cause me pain. My feet are fine. I am not declaw handicap. I can sleep well. By nature, I am good at hiding pain and do not have to use that built in ability. Sadly, some kitties are in so much declaw pain that they cannot stop meowing loud.


Attention kitty care takers; Please do not cause lifelong pain. Kitties do not deserve to lose their toes –caused by the declaw procedure. No kitty wants to suffer. There is no such thing as a pro declaw kitty. Anyone who cannot accept claws, should not adapt a kitten or cat. My owner has provided me with two tall sturdy scratching posts- made with thistle rope. I use the posts several times a day to exercise/ scratch to my heart’s content.


For more information about declaw dangers, key word THE PAW PROJECT.


Yours Purr Fully,


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