Lightning Strike Survivor an Advocate for Healthy Living

Gail Skinner has run the natural food department at the Embry Hills Kroger for six years, she’s a been a fitness instructor for over 30 years, worked as a DJ and singer and has been struck by lightning and and lived to talk about it. “
Eighteen years ago Skinner grabbed the telephone at a fitness center where she worked as an in-structor. It was storming outside and Skinner recalled “it was like I heard my mothers voice saying-don’t pick that phone up. I remember seeing a flash of light, a ball of fire went up the phone line and the next thing it [phone] was thrown from my hand and I was thrown back. “80 percent of lightning strike survivors sustain long-term injuries, and Skinner is no exception, but you would never know it. “I was always the optimistic one,” she said. “I’m a miracle-I feel like for some reason God kept me on this earth – maybe it’s to work with people. I used to question it but I don’t anymore.”


Skinner continued to work as a fitness instructor following the accident. “Teaching the water aerobics classes all these years has helped me with my therapy,” Skinner said. After the lightning strike Skinner said she also changed her diet. “I’m telling you nutrition is just growing and growing and I want to educate people. Gluten GMO’s and additives put in foods are making people sick,” she said.


Skinner said Kroger has expanded its line of Simple Truth natural and organic food products and she points out eating natural is not necessarily more expensive. Consumers should read labels and educate themselves and with the Internet that is easier than ever. “Changing your diet can absolutely change your life-its not that difficult to do, it takes some re-search, the information is there,” she said.


Visit to find out about Kroger organic products or stop by the Embry Hills Kroger natural foods department, 3559 Chamblee Tucker Road.


-Dean Hesse

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