Local Nonprofit Seeks to Improve Human-Animal Interaction

Atlanta Rescue Dog Café is a nonprofit educational iniative with a mission to contribute to the well-being of Atlanta’s pets and its people by improving human-animal interactions, reducing incidences of animal cruelty and relieving the strain on local animal shelters. To meet that goal programming is provided for pre K to adult with class topics that include ‘Responsible Pet Ownership,’ ‘Leash Making 101,’ ‘Bite Prevention,’ ‘Careers in Animal Welfare,’ ‘Humane Animal Practices,’ “So You Think You Want a Dog” and more. Programs can be tailored to meet a group’s specific needs and take place at your school, youth organization, university, and business in and around the Atlanta area.


Founder and CEO Aaron Fisher, who moved to Atlanta in 1993 to attend Emory University, developed the concept drawing on his experience as an elementary school teacher and animal welfare worker.


Fisher said the younger a child is exposed to animal welfare issues the better
“If children aren’t getting any exposure to pets, in which they’re learning how to care for and/or be-have around them, they tend to be less confident and comfortable around animals. That sets us up for un-healthy interactions both as children and adults, whether out of fear or simply not knowing how to act around pets or responsibly care for them. Learning how to respect and coexist with animals imparts em-pathy, responsibility, confidence, love, and ironically, a greater sense of humanity.” He said.
Fisher’s long-term goal is to have a nonprofit coffee shop, (the café part) with a dedicated educational space for programs on animal welfare issues, and a senior dog sanctuary co-located on the premises.


Through animals and education we can learn to coexist with other species says Fisher, and as a result, better understand our role on this planet and our obligation to be responsible stewards on their behalf. Pets are also good for our health. “Whether taking our dog for a walk, which gets us outside and moving, and meeting our neighbors; or petting our cats and dogs which lowers our blood pressure. Read to a Dog’ pro-grams have proven to help young readers; the numerous pet programs in prisons have shown to reduce ag-gression in inmates…the list goes on and on. .”


Atlanta Rescue Dog Café will be at the following events in March: Pop-Up Market at 97 Estoria in Cabbagetown, March 11, 9 a.m. -2 p.m., Ormewood Makers Fest, March 24, 9 a.m. -3/4 p.m. and ‘Party for the Pups’ at Bellina Alimentari, Ponce City Market, March 31, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.


For more information visit: atlantarescuedogcafe.org.

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