MARTA Goes for Sustainability

Saying one is “going green” by riding MARTA is a step towards better sustainability, considering of the en-vironment by conserving resources to support a longtime ecological balance. MARTA provides not only rapid public transit, but also is a leading organization in a vital societal goal: sustainability.


MARTA is undergoing a thorough examination of its entire operations, evaluating its electricity use and plumbing to save energy and water. Instead of paper towels it uses high-efficiency hand dryers in restrooms and motion detector light with LED low energy bulbs.


Sustainability efforts by MARTA, however, are truly comprehensive, in the form of detailed investment grade audits to measure all resources, especially energy and water. Beyond these costs, there is monitoring em-ployee retention and productivity. And as it grows and retrofits, MARTA facilities are marked by highest sus-tainability standards. These include the Buckhead Pedestrian Bridge, pictured above, the Laredo Bus Facility in Decatur and the Midtown Arts Station, all funded by competitive grants. MARTA has become a true city leader in the rallying cry: Go Green!


Dr. Paul Hudson, a historian at GSU Perimeter College, writes columns for Hometown News.

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