Metro Fresh Book Offers Food & Love

Former Party of Five actor and now a ten-year business holder, Mitchell Anderson has a lot of happiness to share; including recipes from his new book and thoughts about staying married and keeping a successful Atlanta business.
Love can take you to some great places and since this is the celebrated month of love it was only fitting to profile Mitchell Anderson.


Locally Mitchell is a respected restauranteur. Last fall brought the 10-year anniversary of his Metro Fresh stores. Yet Mitchell came all the way from California for love, not nutrition.


“I dated someone for years who lived in Atlanta,” said Mitchell. After following a never-ending ant hill of Hollywood auditions, the talented actor was ready for a change. “I sold my house in L.A. for someone special waiting in Atlanta.”
That special someone was also a well-known Atlanta hair stylist and budding photographer, Richie Ar-pino. On a whim Richie enrolled in the Showcase School of Photography, located at LaVista and Cheshire Bridge roads in Midtown. He bought equipment and kept training.


Since then, Arpino has become an establishment in Atlanta’s entertainment community, shooting the hair and pho-tography for major rock bands and rock star models. Recently he agreed to help launch the new Goliath magazine.
“He influenced me because of his fearlessness and optimism,” smiled Mitchell. “That allowed him to create a whole new life for himself. He was my role model.”


After moving here, Mitchell went to work for Souper Jenny and learned about cooking nourishing dishes that were high in nutrients. This three-year experience gave him the confidence to pursue his own concepts. “I wanted to bring healthy food & a changing menu,” said Mitchell. “Every day we provide the casual diner with a fine dining experience.”


Metro Fresh, the popular local restaurant chain started by Mitchell, quickly grew in Atlanta. New takes on Southern favorites like Peach Tea; crafted with natural flavors, made Metro Fresh a favorite of the fitness set. Add to that a palette pleasing selection of organic items from vetted local farms and you have success that has lasted the decade.
For younger dreamers, Mitchell has some keen advice. After all, he was almost 40 when he opened the doors.


“Learn the business, don’t just have a dream and start,” he said. “You have a passion. Be smart enough to know what you don’t know and go learn it.


Partner Arpino did the artwork for Mitchell’s book Food & Thought, Recipes & Conversations with Mitchell Anderson, available on Amazon.


–Ray Macon

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