Native Plants: Their Role in Your Landscape

Native PlantsDiane Minick, an educator for 30 years in the biological and environmental sciences and currently owner/manager of Stormwater Landscapes, will present a program on “Native Plants: Their Role in Your Landscape” at the March meeting of the Mountain Shadow Garden Club. Stormwater Landscapes specializes in landscape-based stormwater solutions, including unique erosion control methods, that using native plants and working with the stormwater rather than against it will minimize erosion and allow rain, both heavy and light, to be a blessing not a curse for a garden.


Diane’s passion is helping to improve conditions in the environment through education and on-the-ground projects using low impact techniques. She currently serves as Stormwater Consultant to the city of Canton and since 2008 has worked as Director for the Upper Etowah River Alliance implementing a Federal 319 grant, which gives financial assistance and professional level advice to those who have nonpoint source pollution problems within the Upper Etowah River watershed. Her goals are to improve conditions through education and corrective projects, a challenge since this is one of the most biological diverse watersheds in the U.S.


Since we’ve experienced an unusually wet fall and winter with frequent heavy rain, the timing for this program couldn’t be better. If you have had problems with stormwater, come hear Diane at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, March 12th, at the Eastminster Presbyterian Church, 5801 Hugh Howell Rd. Free. Call 770-934-4726 for directions.

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