Old Brick Pit BBQ

It isn’t often that I drive from Decatur to Brookhaven just to eat lunch but I have been known to do that very thing for the Old Brick Pit Barbecue, which has been serving BBQ fans since 1976. Having eaten at a seemingly endless number of BBQ places over the years, this is definitely my favorite.


Old Brick PitThe menu is simple and the ambience is pretty basic but it has that old style kind of pork barbecue which has been the staple in Georgia and North Carolina forever. They slow cook the pork and douse it in a tart vinegar sauce that goes perfectly with the slightly sweet cole slaw. Naturally, you should always have the chopped pork sandwich with cole slaw, which is the traditional way of eating it in my home state of North Carolina. See why I like this place so much?


Of course, the Old Brick Pit has other items as well. They have chicken and ribs too. One of the best deals is the combination plate which has a large serving of chopped pork, two very meaty ribs, cole slaw, bread and Brunswick stew. You can also get the baked beans as a side. The BBQ plate is only $6.60 and includes stew, chopped pork, bread and cole slaw. A simple sandwich is only $2.60, which is a great deal.


One of the best things on the menu is the hearty Brunswick stew which was never a favorite of mine until I had it here. The spicy tomato based sauce has corn and a massive amount of shredded pork. You can order this separately for only $2.25 a cup or $4.50 a pint. Take it home and enjoy it with a big chunk of cornbread. Could life get any better?


The Old Brick Pit Barbecue is located at 4805 Peachtree Road and is open M-S from 11:00 to 7:00. To place an order or get more information, call 770-986-7727. You can find out more and see the menu at www.oldbrickpitbbq.com.


-Dick Funderburke

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