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Since the beginning of time, parenting has not been easy. Children have to be clothed, fed, and protected against the elements. Moms and Dads have to be on the lookout for all kinds of threats when raising kids. Yet the modern parent has another threat: over-exposure to the media.


Since it’s truly possible to ‘grow-up too fast’ these days, how does a person with a child police the media?
Thanks to former Atlanta residents for producing an important parenting tool: Movieguide. Hometown News Atlanta was a recent guest at the group’s Faith & Freedom in Films Gala, held at Villa Christina.


The stars were out on the red carpet and included Founders Lili and Ted Baehr and many famous locals who have helped shape Atlanta’s new film frontier.


In 1985 Ted Baehr began publishing Movieguide as a magazine of movie reviews, now expanded to an online data-base, aimed at helping parents use information when deciding what entertainment products are suitable for their families.
By 1986 Baehr founded The Christian Film & Television Commission (CFTVC), which encourages the major media companies to produce ‘wholesome, family entertainment’.


“Understand the influence of the media,” said Founder Ted Baehr. “Some people are susceptible to violence, drugs and other distractions. We need to know how it affects children in development, learning the grammar and visual cues of the media are important as well.”


By cross-indexing Movieguide’s criteria with box office statistics, Baehr’s commission produces an annual report to the entertainment industry which attempts to prove that the public prefers “wholesome, worthwhile, moral movies.”


“Over the years we have seen movies with less foul language and less sexual content do better at the box office,” said daughter Evy Baehr. “A lot of people do go to church, and this is the demographic that we represent.”


“We pre-screen the movies and shows because parents cannot always do that,” said Lily Baehr. She has good advice for them, based on personal experiences. “Always communicate with your children, it is the only way we can keep them close and on the right path.”


“This is really great…making films that inspire people,” said Actor Bryan McClure. “We want to see more of them that encourage people to be unafraid and follow their passions.”


To get more involved in what your children may soon be watching, go to


–Ray Macon

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