Pet Play with a Superstar Twist from Petmate’s WWE Collection

Exercise is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for pets. They need to get up and get active to stay healthy and fit. And, just as for people, exercise is not only important for pets physically, but crucial to their mental health as well.


Consider these three things:
1. Daily activity helps improve your dog’s overall health and wellbeing, specifically heart health, which can help ensure he lives a long and happy life. It’s also important for weight management, maintaining proper muscle tone, and bone health. Inactive dogs are susceptible to becoming overweight and obese, which can lead to many health risks in-cluding diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.
2. Exercise provides stimulation, which can improve your dog’s mood and behavioral patterns. It also helps to al-leviate any tension or anxiety your pet may be feeling. Dogs that suffer from stress and anxiety can develop behavioral issues, which can hinder social skills and training.
3. The amount of exercise needed is different for every dog, depending on the breed, age and size. According to Dog, “Generally speaking, a leashed walk around the block isn’t going to cut it. Most dogs need 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.” Dogs that are smaller, older or overweight require less exercise than younger, healthier dogs. For dogs from herding, working or sporting breeds, more exercise and running are needed to sat-isfy their natural instincts.


Enjoyable Exercises
Here are a few helpful hints to Pump Up Your Pet with a Superstar twist from the WWE, where passion plays into the fun, and that can strengthen your bond.
• Set your dog up for a daily walk around the neighborhood sporting the soft and durable WWE Ad-justable Collars and Leashes, which feature patterns of WWE Superstars. Be sure to switch up the route and length of your walks so your dog is exposed to different areas and smells. You might even meet some new friends along the way.
• Let your dog run, jump and play at a dog park or doggy day care to enjoy some four-legged friendly fun. Interactive play is key for getting your dog to move around and also provides valuable bonding time and promotes active behavioral patterns. You can play a rigorous game of tug with the Money in the Bank Tug Toy and WWE Championship and Divas Belt Tug Toys, each designed for tough tug play between you and your dog or for two dogs to wrestle and tug together.
• After exercising, let your dog unwind in a WWE Pinch Corner Lounger, designed to resemble the wrestling ring, or a Divas Pillow Bed. These soft, plush beds provide comfort and relaxation and may help your dog wake up feeling like a WWE champion.


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