Pointer On Pets

Just like us, our pets can experience stress; stress can be caused by fear, excitement and anxiety. There is a solution to help your pets manage stressful situations naturally. NaturVet Quiet Moments is veterinarian formu-lated and recommended to support the nervous system in reducing stress and tension while promoting rest and relaxation. Quiet Moments’ unique blend of thiamine and L-tryptophan helps reduce stress and tension. Ginger supports sensitive stomachs, which is especially important when traveling, while melatonin helps to promote rest and relaxation.


Quiet Moments is recommended to use when traveling by car, plane or boat; it’s also great for storms, fire-works, travel, grooming, and separation anxiety.


Quiet Moments is a natural solution to a calmer, stress-free pet. It’s available in time-release chewable tablets for dogs and tasty soft chews for dogs and cats. NaturVet is manufactured by Garmon Corp., in Temecula, Calif., U.S.A.


For more information on Quiet Moments and special offers, please visit www.NaturVet.com or call (888) 628-8783.

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