Prevent A Pet Peeve

If you have ever owned a dog and cat, you’ve probably experienced your dog invading the litter box like it was his own personal snack shack.


The Cause
There are many reasons dogs eat cat stools: boredom, instinct, even nutritional deficiency. Typically, cat fe-ces contain a high amount of protein and fat combined with an odor that’s very appealing to dogs.


The Effect
Unfortunately, snacking on cat feces is a nasty habit that could lead to health issues if not corrected.


The Answer
Fortunately, there’s now a natural solution. You simply give tasty Outta My Box soft chews to both the cat and the dog.
1. In dogs, they can curb the litter box cravings.
2. In cats, they help reduce stool odors so the litter box is less desirable to dogs.
These NaturVet Outta My Box chews, manufactured by Garmon Corporation, contain veterinarian-formulated and patent-pending ProBioStrive, made with natural active ingredients that provide a dual-action process to help your dog kick the litter box cravings and maintain optimal GI balance.


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