Southeastern Railway Museum Spring 2016

Duluth’s hidden gem, the Southeastern Railway Museum, was designated Georgia’s Official Transportation His-tory Museum this yearby a resolution of the state legislature in 2001 and is just south of downtown Duluth. The mu-seum is home to over 90 pieces of retired railway rolling stock: trains from the 1920’s to the 1970’s including vin-tage steam and diesel locomotives, passenger and private cars, WWII troop kitchen, railway post office car, wooden freight cars, baggage cars, cabooses, and maintenance of way equipment. The museum is also home to buses from MARTA’s historic fleet and predecessor systems, vintage cabs and firefighting equipment, and more.


The 1871 Duluth Depot has been restored onsite and now features a variety of exhibits both permanent & travelling. Permanent exhibits include artifacts from the museum’s collection. Travelling exhibits include artifacts from and organized by the Duluth Historical Society including an exhibit related to neighboring cities titled “City’s of the Rail”.


This month features the annual Caboose Days event on April 2-3 which will offer a caboose hunt, food, a kids’ craft corner, caboose slide show, and rides on a restored antique handcar. This year, Caboose Days will also feature the return to public access of two caboose restorations, Georgia Railrad 2866 and Norfolk and Western #500837. N&W 500837 was built in 1940 for Pittsburg & West Virginia Railway as class C19 #837. Acquired by Norfolk & Western 1964 it was donated in 1989, it will be placed in ser-vice on the museum’s demonstration train ride, replacing Clinchfield RR #1064 which is slated for resto-ration work. Georgia RR 2866 was converted from a 1945 steel boxcar in 1970, this bay window caboose was used to carry passengers in mixed train service on the Georgia Railroad. It was donated 1982 and will be placed on exhibit.


The museum will also host the Duluth Historical Society’s annual plant sale on April 16 from 10am-4pm ad-jacent to the depot while hosting a Boy Scout Merit Badge Clinic with the Piedmont Division NMRA in the main building. The museum will also host the Duluth Community garden boxes this year with the Duluth Historical Society.


The museum will operate Wed – Sat, April 6-9 and the week of Spring Break April 4-8.

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