Summer Fun with Your Dog

Do you enjoy outdoor summer activities? Chances are, your dog does, too. But we always need to keep our four-legged friends safe and comfortable as the temperatures rise.


1) Keep water handy for you pup if you’re planning on jogging, hiking, playing catch, or just hanging out at the park. Remember, your dog is wearing a fur coat and needs constant hydration. Dogs die from heat exhaus-tion more than you might think.


2) If you hit the lake or the beach with your dog, don’t let them drink the water, especially at the ocean. Also, be aware that dogs with white coats on their heads or backs are susceptible to sunburns, so make sure you apply sunscreen and/ or provide plenty of shade.


3) Keep your dog leashed for safety reasons. Wild animals are everywhere around Metro Atlanta, and sev-eral areas are seeing a spike in rabies. Also, poisonous snakes and other dogs can injure your best friend.


4) Don’t leave your dog in the car! Even if you know your dog will not jump out with the windows down, there is still a risk for it’s being stolen. And if the windows are up – you’ve just put your dog in an oven that kills in minutes.


5) Remember to check the heat of the road or sidewalk before activities on paved surfaces. If it’s too hot for the back of your hand, it’s could cause blisters on your dog’s paws.


Your dog knows when you are having fun, so why not share the experience? You’ll also find there’s a bene-fit – a decreased incidence of “bad” behavior – because a tired puppy is a good puppy!

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