The Flat Stanley School Projects

Since 1995, an innovative feature in elementary education started by Dale Hubert, a third-grade teacher in London, Ontario in Canada, has spread among many schools. The basic feature is to connect students and classrooms with a lovable character — Flat Stanley. He has endless variations as an individually homemade paper figure, and has even gone digital with an app.


Similar to time honored pen-pal activities, students send Flat Stanley by conventional post — or sometimes email — and designated hosts receive him. Senders and recipients have an instant friend in Flat Stanley as they write and read about his travels and adventures, documenting them with photos. Parents and friends help by driving Flat Stanley around as their guest.


Connecting kids from around the world is the theme of the project in which learning flows naturally and is highly creative. Kids write and read with passion about their friend Flat Stanley. Hometown News wishes the best to all our readers who may be involved some way this upcoming year in various Flat Stanley school projects.


–Dr. Paul Hudson

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