The Flower of The Year is Here: The Purple Rose

It’s official: The purple rose is Flower of the Year for 2018. There are many reasons this enchanting bloom is having its moment.


Purple Roses: Rising to the Occasion
The product development team at travels the globe each year in search of the latest trends to inspire truly original designs. This year, it found that inspiration in purple roses. With their majestic beauty, rich symbolism and of-the-moment hue, the blooms bring their unique radiance to every arrangement.


Singing the Praises of Purple
What makes this color rose so popular? Here are just a few purple points of interest:
• Purple roses convey enchantment and love at first sight; excellent for sending to someone who’s swept you off your feet from the start.
• The color purple has a lot of meaning behind it, too: It’s associated with luxury, power, ambition and royalty. You may see lots of purple flowers popping up at the upcoming royal wedding.
• With so many shades—from lavender to magenta—purple brings a rich contrast of color to flower arrangements that really pops.
• Purple is the official color of International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2018), a chance to honor and celebrate the special women in our lives. A bouquet of purple roses would certainly make a beautiful gift.
“Color plays an important role in our everyday lives, helping us to express ourselves to the people we love and care for,” says Alfred Palomares, VP of Merchandising for “The enchanting purple rose represents unending possibilities in 2018, inspiring grace and dignity, creativity and devotion, and most importantly our deep love for those who are closest to us.”
Consider these artful arrangements:


Passion for Purple Roses
“Thank you.” “Happy birthday.” “I love you.” Whatever it is you want to say, let these radiant laven-der purple roses say it for you. Just one look can have someone special in your life feeling like royalty.


Graceful Lavender Bouquet
Elegant and soft, this bouquet looks like it came fresh from the garden. Lavender and purple roses mingle in a stylish clear rectangular vase. The delicate floral color palette and modern container make for a striking combination you’ll want to put prominently on display.


Shades of Purple
Every shade of purple in this radiant bouquet can bring joy and delight to the people you love. A rich gathering of blooms, hand-arranged by skilled florists with lush greenery inside a glass vase, tied with rib-bon. One look may be all it takes to turn their day around.


Delivering Smiles, One Truly Original Gift at a Time
For over 40 years, has been helping people satisfy their passion for purple roses, along with all their other truly original flowers and gifts. You can make someone smile today by calling 1-800-FLOWERS, clicking, or visiting a retail store. To find one nearby, go to

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