When Football Season Begins

While baseball is the Grand Old Game, football is unsurpassed in sports popularity in America. Losses can be absorbed throughout the week in long baseball seasons, but football games are gener-ally played on weekends only, so each contest seems special. There is a kind of “holy trinity” for foot-ball schedules — Friday nights for high schools, Saturdays for colleges and Sundays and Mondays for pros, though sometimes all three levels also compete on Thursday nights.


Football is played mainly in the fall, but the schedule starts in late summer, much to the delight of millions who have waited since winter to see their favorite teams play. The college football season just began, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, with two Chick-fil-A kickoff games, Ole Miss against Boise State on Aug. 28 and West Virginia vs. Alabama on Aug. 30. The first pro regular season game for the Atlanta Falcons, also at the Dome, is against archrival New Orleans on Sept. 7.


When football season begins, the weather is still warm. But the best time for football, many be-lieve, is after fall starts in late September, when chilly air comes in and the leaves begin to turn. Crisp “football weather,” they say, marks the best time of the year, and we at Hometown News are excited about autumn in Atlanta.


–Dr. Paul Hudson

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