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Dunwoody Dispatch
Covering Dunwoody East & Surrounding Areas
Volume 3, No. 4 •
APRIL 2018
April 22nd
Lincoln Letter Goes
from Dunwoody to
Presidential Library
Craig Schneeberger holds rare document
written to his ancestor by Abraham Lincoln.
(Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum).
It’s hard to believe, but an undated letter (probably
1839), verified as written by Abraham Lincoln, had for
years been passed down to the first-born male in each
generation of a family, making its way to Dunwoody in
our own time. Our headline photo shows Craig Schnee-
berger of Dunwoody holding the aged, yellow piece of
paper proudly protected and saved in a family tradition
through the ages.
The letter’s content isn’t vintage Lincoln as a states-
man but more about party rivalry. Honest Abe, then a
Whig, wrote to Captain Andrew McCormack, angry
about a local patronage job going to someone for the
opposition. “This is a different side of Mr. Lincoln,”
said Samuel Wheeler, state historian of Illinois, “here he
stresses partisan politics.”
Craig Schneeberger donated the letter to the Abra-
ham Lincoln Library and Museum in Springfield, IL
on behalf of his father Fred Schneeberger II. “This let-
ter has always been my dad’s pride and joy,” said Craig.
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G-Braves Alum Brian Snitker
Manages Major League Club
Atlanta Braves skipper (center right, with glasses), gathered
his players first at Lake Buena Vista, FL this spring. (ajc.com)
Metro fans know the Atlanta Braves have struggled
since the glory years of the 1990s starring Chipper Jones and
other Hall of Famers led by Bobby Cox. The Braves have
been regrouping of late, energized after the inaugural year of
SunTrust Park, and hopefully on the road back to competitive
play again. And leading the club is Brian Snitker, whose job
before that was managing the Gwinnett Braves in 2014-2016.
Managing Triple-A Gwinnett was then a peak in a very
long Braves career for Snitker. He started as a minor league
catcher for 4 seasons, 1977-1980, but his talent was more
as a coach than a player. Hired by Hank Aaron in 1981 as
a roving Braves instructor, he later managed minor league
Braves teams, working his way up from Rookie League,
to single A and then the double A Mississippi Braves.
Twice he was minor league manager of the year.
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