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Norcross News
Covering No cross, Peachtree Corners & Duluth
Volume 28, No. 4 •
APRIL 2018
April 22nd
Gwinnett Stripers Debut as
Triple-A Braves Farm Team
Logo has local angle, inspired by striped bass at Lake
Lanier, for Atlanta’s top-tier minor league club.
Baseball begins in April and with it a new Triple-
A minor league team for the Atlanta Braves. The old
Gwinnett Braves name caused some market confu-
sion and the team wanted to be more original with a
nickname uniquely indigenous to the North Georgia
area. The process was at first a bit of a bumpy ride
as a shortlist emerged with no proposed team names
quite fitting the bill. Adjustments were made late last
year, when a new nickname surfaced: the Gwinnett
They’ll play at Coolray Field in Lawrenceville like
the old G-Braves, but with a New Look. Gwinnett Strip-
ers is an homage to the striped bass abounding at nearby
Lake Lanier. “We wanted a local tie-in, completely
ours,” said North Johnson, the team’s general manager.
“We did research and found out Lake Lanier is one of the
best striped bass places in the world.” The nickname is
unique. “There’s not another sports team named Stripers
we’ve been able to find,” Johnson said.
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North Atlanta Memorial Park
and Chapel Mausoleum
Tranquil complex offers consolation and
contemporary outlook to both celebrate and
grieve the Circle of Life. (Lora Mirza)
According to Find-A-Grave there are about 64 cem-
eteries in DeKalb. Many are older, rather small family
cemeteries and others are graveyards connected to older
churches, as once was the custom. It’s a difficult proposi-
tion considering final resting places, but eventually we
must all leave the world. A great priority is maintaining
dignity while providing ways in which friends and family
can express a sense of loss.
Beside the landmark white brick structure of Winters
Chapel United Methodist Church is a connected cem-
etery. Directly across the street and behind a fence is
Eidson family cemetery for one of the pioneer families
of Dunwoody. And adjacent to the Eidson complex, at
5188 Winters Chapel Road, is the site, with a landscaped
entrance and exit, for North Atlanta Memorial Park and
Chapel Mausoleum.
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