Brookhaven Buzz - April 2019

BrookhavenBuzz Covering Brookhaven, Buckhead, Chamblee, Dunwoody & Doraville • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 29, No. 4 • APRIL 2019 PRICELESS ISSUE! Give credit to Brookhaven, DeKalb’s largest city and still new on the job—there’s no civic shirking of a work agenda that seeks genuine commu- nity improvement. Brookhaven’s present study of problematical North Druid Hills Corridor, which has for some time been a massive, true traffic nightmare and often can be downright dangerous, is a case in point. Starting from the edge of Brookhav- en MARTA Station, the 2.5 mile cor- ridor at first isn’t too bad though it’s only 2-lanes. But after passing Cross Keys High on the left and Roxboro fork on the right, the traffic converges down- grade into a humongous intersection. On 6-lane Buford Highway there’s 2 tough left turns as lines of cars rush to get through traffic lights. It’s fraught with difficulties. A couple of years ago I was saddened to hear that one of my former colleagues at Oglethorpe had died as a pedestrian trying to cross Buford High- way. North Druid Hills Corridor traffic has become notorious. After Buford Highway going south it can really get congested at the North Druid Hills intersection of I-85, espe- cially the part that heads toward Cheshire Bridge. The freeway assumes another function as the crowded Downtown Con- nector. At North Druid Hills, cars enter or exit 85 at various rates of speed, or worse, they come to a stop. Plus, the intensity raises from road to freeway or vice-versa, Brookhaven Nears Completion of North Druid Hills Corridor Study Tough job for a traffic cop: cars transitioning from I-85 to North Druid Hills Road can be like going from the frying pan into the fire. Continued on page 11 Across the U.S., communities are using this terrific online tool to reduce local crime incidence by connecting neighbors, security cameras and police. Back in early March Brookhaven Police announced that the department is joining the Neighbors app by Ring. It’s innovative, an application or form that’s downloaded by users to their mobile devices. The information it holds on local crime is in real-time and often reported by people who have witnessed criminal behavior first-hand. The app therefore includes a wide range of information for public safety. The Neighbors app by Ring, which is free and has millions of users, has amassed a terrific track record: it’s helped catch thieves, stopped burglaries, and overall has helped keep neighbor- hoods safe through the alerts it sends out. The Neighbors app brings a local online community together to cooperate in monitoring illegal or suspicious activi- ties residents observe at or near their own homes, as in cases of theft or vandalism, Continued on page 19 Brookhaven P.D. Joins ‘Neighbors’ App by Ring