Lilburn Living - August 2018

Lilburn Living Covering Lilburn, Mountain Park & Snellville • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 28, No. 8 • AUGUST 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Arcado Elementary Student Starts #RecessForAll Inclusive Playground Initiative Last year Zeph Everson, a fourth grader at Arcado El- ementary School in Lilburn noticed one of his friends always sat off to the side during recess. “He is a re- ally fun guy so I didn’t know why he wasn’t playing.” Said Zeph, who turned 10 in July. “I asked him one day and he told me even if he could get his wheelchair into the play- ground area there wouldn’t be anything for him to do. Then I noticed as I would pass by the playground that he wasn’t the only kid with this issue and I felt that was wrong.” The biggest issue Zeph sees with the playground are the wood chips. “They are like quicksand to wheels especially the heavy power wheelchairs.” Zeph says the railroad ties that keep the wood chips in also keep kids that use walkers, wheelchairs and that have vision issues out. “There isn’t any shade over the playground so kids that have issues get- ting overheated can’t go and play either.” He said. “Hon- estly, this breaks my heart. I feel like with as much as we have done in our classrooms to meet everyone’s needs that we should also have that on our playground too.” Off-duty Duluth Policeman Saved Life of Child at Pool Official photo of Officer Chris Tiller standing before his Duluth PD cruiser. (Duluth Police Department) Saturday June 23 early in the summer could have been an awful day at a local community pool in Duluth, but as it turned out there was a happy ending, for which everyone involved was grateful. Duluth police officer Chris Tiller, while he was off-duty, saved the day when things had gone wrong in a moment of life and death. Tiller performed CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on an unresponsive child who apparently had drowned and in the process saved his life, according to a Face- book post by the Duluth Police Department. While on a family swim outing with his wife and daughter, Chris noticed a father jump into the pool to pull his son out from the bottom. The child was not breathing. Acting instinctively and relying on his po- lice training as a first responder, Chris Tiller at pool- side sprang into action, knowing only emergency CPR could bring the boy back to life. It was apparent that the dad didn’t know how to perform the emergency procedure. Continued on page 4 Continued on page 3