Norcross News - August 2018

Norcross News Covering No cross, Peachtree Corners & Duluth • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 28, No. 8 • AUGUST 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Norcross Girl has a Passion for Birds Last year 12-year-old Isabella Asztalos started a small garden at her family’s home in Norcross. It was just a few plants she said and Isabella got a small bird feeder because she knew the birds would be helpful to the garden by spreading the seeds and eating insects. At first the feeder attracted a just a few birds, mostly cowbirds she said, but more started coming. “They were fighting over the bird feeder so I started getting more bird feeders.” Isabella said. Then a lot of different types of birds came. “I admired them because they were so cool and their sounds and the way they acted. I started liking birds a lot more.” Isabella can identify the different bird species by their sounds and features. If she sees one she’s not familiar with she will look it up in her bird book. Isabella spends every free minute watching the birds. “I just sit there for a long time outside. It relaxes me a lot. They’re really just amazing. I just feel like there’s peace. I feel calm.” Isabella says working in the garden at Summerour Middle School with Tixie Fowler, Executive Director of Gardens for Growing Community, an organization that helps young people make an emotional and personal connection to nature, increased her interest in gardening and birds. Continued on page 5 Million Dollar Renovation Slated for Norcross Senior Center Traffic patterns indicate that for 2 decades now senior citizens have given good use to their center in Norcross. Now it’s time to improve the popular site. (Google maps.) Standing at 5030 Georgia Belle Court, the Nor- cross Senior Center, which opened in 1998, has become a landmark in a vibrant community that’s diverse in every way. Accordingly, the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners has approved a $974,102 contract with Diversities Construction of Georgia. It will cover added space and more amenities to the Center: an improved entrance, a much needed covered drop-off area and interior renovations. Continued on page 5