Decatur Dispatch - August 2019

• LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 29, No. 8 • AUGUST 2019 Decatur Dispatch Covering De atur, Druid Hills, Emory, Sage Hill, Toco Hill, & Avondale Estates PRICELESS ISSUE! Jimmy Carter is Now Tenured Professor at Emory There was something ironic about news that surfaced in early June: Emory University, a landmark in the Decatur area and among the finest higher educa- tion institutions in the U.S., has after 37 years finally awarded tenure to President Jimmy Carter. Back in 1982 Carter accepted a posi- tion of Emory University Distinguished Professor, and in the early years of that appointment his lectures—at the main campus in Druid Hills and also the loca- tion in Oxford, GA—dealt with topics on which he was considered an expert. They included his unique role in contemporary history, his peace accords in the Middle East and his dealings as president during the Iranian Hostage Crisis (many younger people don’t remember this unprecedent- ed period of 444 days in 1979-1980), and also his active career in the Georgia peanut business, in which Carter worked before his 1976 election to the presidency. In the decades that followed Cart- er’s 1982 appointment at Emory, he’s become continually and infinitely even more distinguished. In that same year he and Rosalynn launched in Inman Park the Carter Center—a nongovernmental agency focused on global rights issues— After nearly 4 decades, university officials recently realized time has been overdue for this ultimate traditional professorial accolade for Pres. Carter. Continued on page 5 Continued on page 10 All smiles here, because Dr. David Dude loves his teachers, he is giving great leadership, and he clearly loves his work. August marks back-to-school month, and Decatur City schools are all set and ready to go. This summer in late June the Decatur School Board awarded Super- intendent David Dude a $20,000 perfor- mance bonus for outstanding work this past academic year. He has completed the first year of his second 3-year contract, which has a base salary of $199,000. Decatur School Board regularly sets per- formance goals for its Superintendent within executive sessions throughout the year, which includes a mid-year evalua- tion every January. Decatur City Schools Chief Receives Performance Bonus