Dunwoody Dispatch East - August 2019

Dunwoody Dispatch Covering Dunwoody East & Surrounding Areas • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 4, No. 8 • AUGUST 2019 EAST PRICELESS ISSUE! In late June, Sandy Springs City Council approved reimbursement to Mercedes-Benz USA of $1,027,000 for public improvements surrounding the company’s extensive new North Ameri- can headquarters. M-B completed build- ing construction last year that stands on 12 acres between Abernathy and Barfield Roads in the sprawling Perim- eter area near Dunwoody. The deal between the city of Sandy Springs and Mercedes-Benz in a sense represents a culmination of multiple agreements and transactions. They’ve involved the state of Georgia as well as local government to foster corporate development of the German car giant’s national operations offices newly cen- tered in the Metro. More than $27 million of incentives in a public-private partner- ship overall have facilitated Mercedes- Benz and its plans to relocate its North American headquarters from Montvale, New Jersey to the Atlanta area. In a package of incentives, Sandy Springs had promised to reimburse Mer- cedes-Benz a little more than $1 million, as approved for a full range of extensive pub- lic improvements surrounding the strik- ing new M-B continental HQ. Mercedes- Benz submitted documents that its local improvements had exceeded $1.5 million. Sandy Springs Approves $1M for Mercedes-Benz Local Improvements Continued on page 4 M-B is to receive, by agreement, reimbursement for the company’s development of surrounding areas around its new continental corporate HQ. It was a surprise in mid-June when Gov. Brian Kemp tapped Doraville Police Chief John King to serve as Act- ing Georgia Insurance Commissioner, but these are not usual times in that state government office. Insurance Commissioner Jim Beck—after win- ning the Nov. 2018 election and start- ing his term of office in 2019—came under federal indictment of 38-counts of developing an elaborate scheme to abscond with $2 million from his for- mer employer. Beck requested suspen- sion with pay, to which Gov. Kemp acceded, and will plead innocent against the charges. The good news is that, first, the dis- tractions of the case have been removed along with Jim Beck, to be adjudicated in the courts where justice will be served. Continued on page 5 Doraville Police Chief Rises to Lead State Insurance Commission John King has left his office in Doraville to assume duties in Georgia’s government insurance post at a critical time. (ajc.com)