Tucker Times - August 2019

2 Tucker Times August 2019 Optimal Hearing The Hearing Technology Company ® Darling?” “What, Old-Fashioned Hearing Aids? Not for you? Call TODAY 678-389-8540 TUCKER 4826 LaVista Rd. © Copyright 2019 The Wilson Group Microchip Serving the Metro Atlanta area It’s Hearing Aid Tune-Up Time! Heat & humidity are your hearing aid’s enemy. Protect your investment. See store for details. Expires 8/31/19. With a Hearing Consultation. Special offer for over 60’s. Limit 1 per individual. FREE ICE CREAM Beat the Heat promo FREE CLEAN & CHECK Hearing Aid Tune-Up See store for details. Expires 8/31/19. VICI 3 HEARING AIDS See store for details. Expires 8/31/19 NOW ONLY $1,250! $2,800 MSRP We accept most insurances. We Service All Makes and Models and Offer Audiometric Screenings and Video Ear Inspections. W hatever your opin- ion about hearing aids before 10 seconds ago, you can forget it. Now there is an amaz- ing new hearing technology that not only gives you the most incredibly improved hearing but thanks to the latest advances in digital bionics provides much better value than other rival aids. Called Oh!, its revolutionary design actually mimics the natural sound selection processes of the human ear more faithfully than anything before it. NEW BREAKTHROUGH Inside the Oh! is multi-core processing, similar to the technology in today’s most advanced comput- ers. Incoming signals (speech and ambient sounds) are analyzed, identified and classified every six milliseconds to adapt the hearing instrument for comfort and clarity. In a space the size of a match head, the labora- tory has managed to fit automatcomplex programs that eliminate feedback, optimize speech under- standing in noise, and enhance telephone listening. PURE NATURAL CLARITY The Oh!’s ingenious system controls noise in six situations: Quiet, Machine Noise, Wind, Speech in Noise, Pure Noise, and Speech. Because your life- style is unique, your hearing aids will be preset up to five levels of adaptation for each noise category, which means you will be able to understand speech in background noise like never before. Oh! is also designed so you’ll experience virtually: • No Feedback • No Echo • No Whistling • No Wind Noise