Dunwoody Dispatch East - July 2018

Dunwoody Dispatch Covering Dunwoody East & Surrounding Areas • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown n ews A tlAntA Volume 3, No. 7 • JULY 2018 EAST PRICELESS ISSUE! Kathy Penn Explores a Dog’s Life in New Book Kathy Penn has been delighting Dunwoody [and many other] read- ers for years with her columns and first book, The Ink Penn: Celebrating the Magic in the Every- day. Her latest book is a delightful exploration of a dog’s life, Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch – written in first person by her own family dog, Banjo. As a dog lover myself, it was a great read and all the actions and thoughts of Banjo seemed per- fectly logical and totally engrossing. At slightly over 100 pages, it is far too short but covers all the bases of a pampered pooch’s loves, actions and even grievances. It seems that a DNA test first revealed to Banjo that he was descended from royal lines and there was no turning back from a need to write his autobiography. Banjo writes [with just a bit of help from Penn] about a normal year in his life. It covers his dislike for hot Georgia summers and a desire to spend those months in cooler climes like Canada. He chronicles his life with a variety of sitters Continued on page 9 Been Doing the Peachtree for 40 Years Now! Oh, the humanity! Peachtree runners under gigantic U.S, flag, a Race Icon, and traditional start banner at Lenox Square (ajc.com ) The 2018 edition of the AJC Peachtree Road Race signals my fortieth consecutive year as a participant and I’m thrilled. At 67, I’ve done The Peach for well more than half my life. The Peachtree incorporates thousands of lives into a marvelous tapestry every year and this July I find myself grateful to God more than ever: for another year of good health, living and still loving my larger hometown of the ATL and the annual opportunity to proceed 10K (6.2) miles down the middle of a hal- lowed route, in ancient times a winding Indian trail atop a granite ridge, that is to me the greatest main street of the greatest city in the world. Continued on page 9