Lilburn Living - July 2018

Lilburn Living Covering Lilburn, Mountain Park & Snellville • LOCAL, POSITIVE COMMUNITY NEWS H ometown N ews A tlanta Volume 28, No. 7 • JULY 2018 PRICELESS ISSUE! Lilburn Builds New Bridge this summer for Camp Creek Greenway Wise decision: City will replace 900+ foot wooden boardwalk with a long-term solution. (City of Lilburn) Lilburn’s in the process of replacing a 988 foot wood- en bridge on Camp Creek Greenway—in the stretch be- tween Velva Court and Rockbridge Road—with a solution anticipated to last about 5 decades. Camp Creek Green- way, which opened in 2007, extends 4.2 miles, and has become a mainstay for runners, walkers and cyclists, of- fering good quality of life to those who use it. The route goes from Lions Club Park on Rockbridge Road, then proceeds directly through Lilburn City Park, and on to Killian Hill Road. Replacing the long bridge is a big job and its schedule, which started in early May, will run into August as sum- mer draws to a close. There won’t be much wood used on the bridge this time. Instead, Lilburn is using a low-main- tenance, pre-cast concrete product called Perma Track. There’s a floodplain under the current wooden boardwalk, so cyclists and pedestrians can’t be re- routed. Full closure must be done. “The city under- stands that this may be an inconvenience for the residents who use the Greenway,” said Doug Stacks, Lilburn’s Planning & Economic Development Director. Continued on page 6 Lilburn Farmers’ Market: “A Tasty Way to Start Your Weekend!” The Lilburn Farmers Market continues to have a wonderful 9th season serv- ing Lilburn and beyond. This producer only market brings locally grown and produced products to our market allowing customers to talk to the farmers and people who are growing/ making the food.  July will flood the mar- ket with fresh produce and fruit - tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, okra, peppers, watermelon, peaches, blueberries, blackberries - come and select your favorites to take home. Grass fed/grain finished meats, sausage, salmon, eggs, quiches, honey, breads, coffee, cheese, granola, nuts, pies, cookies, boiled peanuts, icy treats - the list is endless. So many choices to choose from that you probably will want to come each week. Ready to eat foods are available to eat at the market or take home - BBQ, Cuban food, Jamacian food, - you can easily mix and match to the individual tastes of your family. We offer candles, pottery, bath and body products, and eco friendly cleaning products. The Lilburn Farmers Market is proud to partner with Wholesome Wave Georgia accepting and doubling EBT/ SNAP benefits on eligible purchases.  With this program, participants swipe for $10 and receive $20 of tokens to use at the market. Continued on page 4